Health Insurance

Undergraduate Students:

You can choose to enroll in social insurance either in Kunshan or your hometown. You will be required to send the evidence of social insurance in your hometown or any other equivalent commercial medical insurance to us or sign the waiver form if you don’t want to purchase social insurance in Kunshan.




大一新生入学当年从9月1日至12月31日的保费无需单独缴纳。在等待医保卡期间发生的就医,请保留病历和发票,待保险正式生效后,携江苏省社保卡、身份证或其他有效证件、学生证及就医材料至昆山医保中心报销,详情请咨询 0512-55512393。



Social Insurance Waiver 

Graduate students and visiting students: 

You are required to have and maintain comprehensive medical insurance that covers any possible injuries and illnesses sustained while participating in the programs in DKU through one of the options below:

(a) Chinese social insurance in your hometown;

(b) Purchasing DKU commercial insurance plan, click the link below for more information;

Commercial health and accident insurance (研究生商业医疗保险简介)

Commercial health and accident insurance manual (研究生商业医疗保险福利手册)

 (c) Waiving this insurance by providing proof of another insurance plan that provides inpatient and outpatient care coverage in Mainland China

Medical Insurance

All international students are required to be enrolled in a commercial medical insurance plan and this is currently managed by DKU Campus Health Clinic of Student Affairs. DKU’s insurance does not include any coverage outside of China, including in emergenciesInformation about selecting a plan will be sent to students’ DKU email over the summer, and please contact by email if needed. Click the link below for more details:

DKU AIA insurance plan brief introduction 

DKU AIA Medical insurance service Manual

DKU AIA Medical Direct Billing Service list

DKU offers sponsored plans. Additionally, students can apply for a waiver if they can provide proof, in English, of existing coverage for inpatient and outpatient treatment in Mainland China. When students participate in the study abroad program, they need to abide by the student medical health insurance policies of their host institutions. 

For students who already purchased AIA insurance plan: please check service manual to know how to get your e-card and check detailed introduction about the insurance scheme and policies.

Any queries regarding insurance use, please contact insurance company: AIA 

Customer service:  

AIA: 400 838 3288

AIA emergency hotline: Mainland China 400 818 0628, Oversea +861084687311

AIA EAP Hotline: 400 619 1990

AIA reservation& appointments:

How to submit your insurance claims if the medical institution can’t provide direct payment service?

  • <3000 RMB, upload your medical document and invoice through the Wechat official account or AIA APP , link your card and check more detail;
  • >3000 RMB, call customer service for help.


International student ISOS

All international students are required to enroll in a DKU group member plan with International SOS (ISOS).  ISOS is a medical assistance and travel security services company. Click the link below for the policies:

ISOS Services Manual (English)

ISOS Service Manual (中文版)

ISOS offers 24/7 service, please call service hotline if you need assistance.

Mainland China: 4008180628

Outside Mainland China: +861084687311

More information about ISOS, please contact with customer service hotline.

All the DKU students will have additional accident insurance, and the cost will be covered by DKU. If you need any help please contact us at 0512-36657228.