New Students

Welcome to Duke Kunshan University!

Below you will find some information and links that may be helpful in navigating your transition to campus.

Forms to be submitted:

All students have to submit Medical Self-disclosure Form and Under-18 Guardian Consent Form (if you are under 18 years old upon arrival) to before arrival. Click here to download the forms.

Vaccination compliance:

International students, as well as the students from China Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, may need to receive certain vaccination before coming to Mainland China. Please refer to vaccination requirements.

Physical check-up:

All new students including visiting students are required to participate physical check-up during orientation week as a requirement of Ministry of Education. This is to rule out possible contagious diseases to protect campus safety, such as TB, and know your own health status. Chinese students will do this in a health check center arranged and paid by DKU, while international students will do this in Exit/Entry Bureau for visa purpose. 

1. ADHD medications

Q: What medications for ADHD are available in China?

A: Some ADHD medications which are commonly used in United States or some other countries  are illegal and unavailable in China, e.g. Adderall and Vyvanse, as they are amphetamine or analogue containing. The most commonly used two ADHD medication in China are Straterra (atomoxetine) and Concerta (methylphenidate) which is also called Ritalin. This means for the students who are taking a medication which is not available in China, switching medication before or after coming to China is needed.

Q: For the medications not available in China, can I get supply from my country and bring into China?

A: For medications considered illegal in China, it is not allowed to bring in.

Q: Are the treatments for ADHD covered by medical insurance in China?

A: Currently ADHD treatments can be covered by medical insurance DKU plan.

Q: How to get the ADHD medications in China?

A: This will be prescribed by a psychiatrist, the student will need to go to international hospital in Shanghai regularly. A diagnosis certificate from your original doctor will be required for methylphenidate prescription. Please contact DKU CAPS by email as the first step to help with the referral.

2. Hormonal replacement for transgenders

Q: Is there a LBGT clinic available near DKU?

A: No.

Q: How to get hormonal replacement treatment near DKU?

A: The student will need to visit an endocrinologist in an international hospital, and go through a series of assessment, the decision of the treatments will be made by attending physician. Please contact DKU Health Services as the first step to help with the referral.

Q: Is hormonal replacement treatment covered by medical insurance?

A: Currently this treatment is not covered by medical insurance offered by DKU.

3. Other medications

Q: Any resource to check the medication availability in China by myself?

A: Please go to the website and this database supports English searching. It is required to select the medication category first before searching. You can only find the the medications approved by National Medical Products Administration of China. If you can not find any information of a drug, this means this medication is not available in China.

Translations of the medication category: 国产药品(Medications Made in China), 进口药品(Import Drug Chemical Name), 进口药品商品名(Import Drug Brand Name).